Bleaching will brighten the color of teeth that are discolored, stained, or have been darkened as a result of injury. It changes the color of the child or teen's teeth without removing any tooth structure.

A pediatric dentist can identify crowded or crooked teeth and actively intervene to guide the teeth as they come in the mouth. Not only will this improve the look of the child's smile, but early orthodontic treatment may prevent more extensive treatment later.

Teens are still very susceptible to tooth decay.

Repeating procedures every 6 months or as indicated by individual patient's risk status/susceptibility to disease

During late adolescence, assess the presence, position, and development of third molars, giving consideration to removal when there is a high probability of disease or pathology and/or the risks associated with early removal are less than the risks of later removal.

At an age determined by patient, parent and pediatric dentist, refer the patient to a general dentist for continuing oral care